Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals


Request for Proposal

The Macedon Public Library is issuing a Request for Proposal for  a mini “Alternative and Holistic Health Fair” in cooperation with Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce. We request all interested local practitioners of alternative and/or holistic health contact the library to propose an idea for a booth in this event. There is no fee to participate in the event. Booths must be informational in nature and cannot involve the sale of goods or services for a profit. Business cards and other informational materials are permitted, as are complimentary demonstrations of services.


Examples of practitioner topics we hope will be represented are:

Chiropractor services ,
Yoga ,
Acupuncture ,
Naturopathy ,
Eastern medicine techniques ,
Homeopathy ,
Ayurveda ,
Massage ,
Tai Chi ,
Essential Oils ,
Herbal Medicine ,
Reiki ,
Electromagnetic therapy ,
Qigong ,
Meditation ,
Biofeedback ,
Hypnosis ,
Art Therapy ,
Music Therapy  and
Dietary/nutritional plans.

This list is  a guide. Topics not listed are welcome for consideration, too.


Space is limited. Preference is given to those who respond soonest. To respond, please contact the library director with your proposal at:

The fair is slated for 1-3 pm on Saturday, April 22 (which also happens to be Earth Day). The library will provide a table and two chairs for use by the practitioner for their booth.

If you or someone you know is interested in having a booth in this event, please be sure to send the proposal by no later than Tuesday, February 28.

This is a great way for local practitioners to increase awareness of the various types of services they have to offer and we look forward to receiving your proposal ideas!