Pizza with Police Report

Pizza with Police Report

Pizza with Police Report

Here’s our Pizza with Police Report.  Consequently, it’s a few days late because of the storm.  (And, we hope everyone was safe and able to keep warm during the last few days.)

Pizza with Police - police report

A very special, Thank You, to Mark’s Pizzeria.  They made everyone feel at home and made great pizza, as usual.

Also, a special thanks to Chief Yates, Palmyra Police Department, and Sergeant Baker (Palmyra P.D.) and our liaison with Wayne County Sheriff’s office.  (The group seen here with Canal Connection President, Shelly Conboy, and Secretary, MaryBeth Reynolds.)

copyright 2017 db walton - police report

Pizza with Police

Well Received

The event was so well received all parties involved decided we’ll do this again when the weather is warmer.  This one was held on Monday (March 13th) evening.  Mark’s manager, Adam, suggested we do the next Pizza with Police on a Thursday or Friday evening.  As a result the next Palmyra Pizza with Police will  be held in June.  Watch for the announcement.

Watch for a Pizza with Police in Macedon (date coming soon) and Walworth (date also coming soon)!!!


For those with children who missed this event, bring your children to our next one.  Officers came with goodies for the children.  They brought teddy bears, coloring books, pencils and more.

copyright 2017 db walton - police report

Police Bears


Photography by photography by db walton llc, Palmyra, New York.