Business of the Month: A.E.Y. Enterprises

Business of the Month: A.E.Y. Enterprises

“Quality on time, on budget. Work done right the first time. Great employee attitude and cooperation on the job.” — from an online review of A.E.Y. Enterprises.

If you are building or renovating a space, or just repaving your driveway, A.E.Y. Enterprises, Inc. is a company you’ll want to have in your contacts list. They have been serving the Wayne County region—and beyond—since 1989. Founded by Michael Young, A.E.Y. provides site development services to clients large and small. Their approach is simple, and heavily focused on customer service and satisfaction. They employ between 35 and 45 people at any one time.

Three Divisions for Commercial and Residential Work

A.E.Y. is divided into three divisions, each with their own role to play in the company:

The Site Development Division can handle everything from mass earth moving to fine grade and detailed shaping. This can include all aspects of work needed for a turn-key site development package. That includes clearing and demolition, erosion control, bio-retention devices, earth moving, storm drains, underground storm control structures, water and sewer, fine grading, base and paving as well as striping and signs. But they do more than that. Working with development teams, they can assist in value engineering, building critical path schedules, assisting in pre-development budgets, and planning on how to phase the project to eliminate conflicts.

walkwayThe Paving Division is a “one stop shop” that specializes in commercial and residential paving, residential driveway paving, complete resurfacing, patching, milling and restoration, shimming, overlays and asphalt paving and maintenance.

The Masonry Division offers a wide range of masonry and concrete services in both commercial and residential construction. Their specialties include complete foundations, slab on grade, retaining walls, and commercial construction including traditional structural shells, load bearing block work, elevator cores, and all sidewalks and patios. They also have a dedicated crew to take care of stone veneer, stamped concrete, stacked stone walls, and finishing hardscape features.

Customer Service is the Focus

According to Michael Young, what sets A.E.Y. apart from other companies is their focus on customer service. “The customers are everything,” he says. “We wouldn’t have much of a business without them.” Building a relationship with his customers leads to repeat business and referrals, which Young credits as being one of his most successful marketing attempts. “Word of mouth is big,” he says. “We’ve been doing this for 29 years, and we’ve built quite a customer base — and customers refer other customers.”

Young says he started the business because he had a passion for construction work. If he could change one thing about the early years, he says, it would be to have had more knowledge of the science of running a business. “I wish I would have had a bit more education,” he says. “I knew construction, but not the business end of it.

As A.E.Y. continues to grow, Young sees a bright future ahead of the company. With a renewed focus on their commercial customers, they plan to continue to do what they have done so well for nearly thirty years. “Our goal is to be the best,” says Mike Young. “Not the biggest, but the best. Even if our price is higher than a competitor’s price, we want to get hired because our customers know they will get nothing but great service and our best efforts every time.”