About Canal connection Chamber of Commerce

Our Promise:

Only the Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce is the premiere organization that provides the key elements to promote and create economic prosperity for our members.

Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce - About

The Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce was formed to bridge communities along the Erie Canal.  Formed from the former Macedon, Palmyra and Walworth chambers, the new Chamber of Commerce (Canal Connection) offers opportunities for members to reach out to consumers in our area.

For consumers, we offer a source for local, reliable businesses.  Money spent locally helps improve our communities so that everyone may prosper economically.

The Canal Connection offers a way for local businesses to get the word out about their products and services.  Our Business After Hours and Network Luncheons provide a forum where you can meet other business owners, exchange ideas, and pick up referrals for new customers.

Businesses who host a luncheon or after hours event are assisted by the Canal Connection in spreading the word and inviting people to attend.  We will even help with a grand opening event (as we have with Tractor Supply in Macedon and the newly opened Tops store in Walworth, as well as others.)

We are here to help business prosper and build a better community.

Please join with us by becoming a member today.

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